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Memories of Sunday night tea…

My childhood memories of the family meal on Sunday evening are still as clear today, as if it were yesterday.  In the warm weather, the meal was typically a cold meal that often included leftover meat from dinner (the midday meal), and mum would always make a salad, often it would be a simple lettuce salad, or her celery, apple and orange salad.  Should we have run out of bread, scones were baked, and served warm with butter, alongside the cold meat and salad.  And, yes, there was always something sweet to finish the meal.

The next session:

Date:  Wednesday 18 October 2023
Time:  10:00am to 2:00pm
Venue:  Briagolong Community House
Cost:  $35.00 per person
Bookings  Briagolong Community House (03) 5145 5425
Max Participants:  6

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