Kitchen Wall Rose Bed

This is one of the first gardens we started on when we arrived.  Maybe I should have ordered the photos differently – that is from what it was like, to what it looks like now…  But I think that this is much nicer…

In full bloom – 22 October 2016

The first blooms for the spring – 22 September 2016

Looking pretty – 22 September 2016


The final planting… I used the heuchera that was there, in three clumps, when we arrived, as well as white alysum and beautiful red snapdragons. – 9 June 2016

Roses have been scrubbed with a scrubbing brush to remove a mass of white scale, then given their winter prune and finally sprayed with white oil.  Star pickets removed and replaced with wooden stakes, then soil was dressed with manure and prepared for planting – 27 May 2016

Not long after we moved in this was the state of the bed.  Eight beautiful standard white Iceberg Roses, staked with star pickets (I am not a huge fan of star pickets in the garden!) and covered in white scale.  Advice was sought and I got to work.  I had to use a hard bristle scrubbing brush to scrub the scale off each, and might I add that my hands, although gloved, still were a little worse for the wear afterward! – 9 April 2016

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