I have plants scattered throughout the house, with the majority on either the front or back porches both of these rooms are enclosed with the external walls mainly glass, so are fabulous for experimenting with some exotics!

DECember 2022

When I brought this orchid cactus inside a couple of years ago, it was just a sad stump!  This year it rewarded me with a flower in October, and then another just before Christmas.  It’s just beautiful.

September 2022

The Back Porch

I was so excited to finally see this beautiful orchid, another gifted to me by my beautiful sister-in-law, Lyn.  Dendrobium Canary Bird #1.

It was so difficult to view it at it’s best, but then I realised that given that I had planted it in a flat sided vase, I could lay it on it’s side and was able to admire the beautiful flowers day after day after day…


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