Duchess’s Garden

Follow this little story of our mission to save this beautiful old weeping rose that has been neglected for years…

This is the condition that we found this beautiful lady in…  And when we started working on her we found that because she had not been pruned, where the canes had layed on the ground, roots had gone down, so there were several brambles to be removed also!

17 July 2016

After a few days work we were at this stage…

24 July 2016

And several more days and a full trailer load of prunings later…


All done – 2 August 2016

She is trimmed, almost bare, tied down where possible, straightened and had a nice dose of liquid fertiliser.  Fingers crossed that we have given her a new lease on life…

It is now seven weeks on, and I think the Grand Old Dame is showing her appreciation.  She is looking so lovely and healthy.  We now just need to wait until she is in bloom for our final reward.

22 September 2016

dsc06255-r15 October 2016 – Finally, she is showing her true beauty.

It would appear as if all the hard work has paid off, this beautiful old lady is now showing her appreciation, and is just stunning, particularly given how little was left when we finished pruning away the years of dead growth,


5 December 2016 – Pretty as a picture


5 December 2016 – The different shades of pink are just stunning en masse!




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