A Family Reunion

At home for the last time, we got to work!  We were expecting around 40 immediate family, and those considered family, for lunch the following day. Isn’t that what everyone does a week and a half out from settlement!

A branch from one of the bottlebrushes growing down the lane made the perfect Christmas tree simply adorned with a few decorations that we had found during previous visits.  With the tree set up, a few additional decorations were set out.  Then a table was set up with a a few bits and pieces to take everyone on a trip down memory lane.  Added to the table were sweet pea seeds, and coathangers that mum had covered, for family to help themselves to.

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Dragonfly or Damselfly

As I was preparing the food for a late New Years Day lunch to share with Christopher and Olivia, I noticed a dragonfly caught in the web of a spider just outside the kitchen window.  I continued the preparations but after they had left to return home, my mind went back to the poor dragonfly, so I went back to investigate.  Upon close inspection there appeared to be a little movement, so found a thin bamboo skewer and very gently removed the delicate creature from the holds of the web!

Once removed, I, with unusually steady hands, worked to try and remove as much of the web as I could – I was so afraid that I would hurt or damage the delicate creature!  Eventually, hoping that I had done enough to give it a chance of survival, I took it to the lemon scented geranium just outside the back porch, and placed it on a little cluster of leaves.


I returned several times and make sure it was OK, but it appeared that it could not move from where I had placed it!

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Carefully I removed the tiny creature from the leaves and brought it back inside, where upon closer inspection there appeared to be tiny pieces of web still attached, and the web was acting like glue!

Finally, with patience, a careful hand, and time, the lace like wings started moving with much more freedom, and its fragile legs no longer appeared to stick to anything.

With hope I moved the tiny creature to a windowsill, and with great delight, I watched as it flew away.

With its delicate wings spread, the tiny creature is free to fly away.

This morning I asked, was it a dragonfly, so a little research, and I think maybe it is a damselfly rather than a dragonfly.

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In the Garden – November 2021

The garden in November was pretty, but brimming with weeds!  The weather was all over the place having us in short sleaves one day and reaching for the winter woollies the next!

On the 12th it began raining, there were weather warnings for a rain band that was going to produce unusual amounts of rain.  The rains continued through the next day, it just rained and rained and rained with our first reading of 60ml!  Flood warnings kept flashing up on the phone, but we are up high, so were lucky.  We’ve had more rain than ever this year, that is compared to what we’ve had in the past five years (that’s how long we’ve been here).  Probably not strange, really, because of the drought we’ve experienced since arriving.  Clearly the drought is over.

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In the Garden – September 2021

It’s September, and it’s spring!

The garden is slowly come to life, the bulbs are beginning to flower adding splashes of colour here and there, leaf buds are slowly beginning to burst presenting the new leaves for the new season, and in the veggie patch the fruit trees are blossoming too!  Yes spring is certainly here.

In one of the front gardens there is a Japanese Maple planted in a central round garden bed.  I’ve always envisioned this area planted with all things blue, purple, burgundy and white with an occasional pop of red!  These things take time, last year I planted purple miniature bearded iris along the edge of the maple bed, they are multiplying beautifully and are always early flowering.  This year two lilac trees given to me by my sister, Sonnie, one for my 50th birthday and one for my 60th, were planted along the front fence – we all adore lilacs, they remind us of home and our parents.  In addition to the lilacs a clematis, another gift from Sonnie, was planted.

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