Mum’s Little Pineapple Tarts and Memories…

When we were clearing our late parents’  home last year we found some cute, old baking tins.  My sister, Sonnie, recalled our mum using these tins to make little pineapple tarts – I had no recollection of them, but Sonnie had a story that went with her memory!

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Garlic Scapes

Don’t you just love it when you discover something new!

I’ve been growing garlic, successfully, for a few years now, and still I’m learning…

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I’ve realised that I now grow both hard neck and soft neck garlic, I don’t know the type though, as I’ve purchased the originals from farmer’s markets and providors. How I know that I have hard neck and soft neck garlic, is that the hard neck garlic sends up a long solid green stalk with a bud on the top called a scape.  Initially I used to leave these in place, allowing them to flower, and then, in turn, produce small bulbils.  I loved this idea, and often gifted people the little bulbils, telling them they would need a couple of years before they were of a size to produce garlic as we know it.  Then I discovered that scapes could be used in the kitchen – really? Continue reading

When the garden gives you greens!

A wander around the garden can be so rewarding, and at the moment there is a fabulous supply of greens.  We have sprouting broccoli, asparagus, shallots, sorrel, chard/silverbeet, broad beans and broad bean shoots, pea shoots, fresh herbs (chives, mint (common and vietnamese), rosemary, parsley, oregano, and the tarragon is just waking up) and there are snow peas, so many snow peas!

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Turning Rhubarb into Madeleines!

Well almost…

I have been wanting to make Madeleines for years, but being restricted to a gluten free diet, I’ve always put the idea into the ‘too hard basket’.

The other day, after continuously being tripped up by the abundance of rhubarb in the vegetable garden, I decided that it was time to harvest it.  I have some preserved/canned in the larder, the roses required for my Rhubarb and Rose Petal Jam are a little while off, so just thought that I’d give it away.

I know that it looks like a lot, and I suppose it was.  But after I bundled it up, there were only seven bundles – maybe I was a little generous, I don’t know.

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