In the Garden – March 2021


It was with such great anticipation that I waited for what I thought were either red or orange nerines from my sister, Sonnie’s, mother-in-law’s garden.  When the flowers finally opened, they were this very vibrant pink that blended so beautifully with the velvety snapdragon and the purple and cerise fuschia!

While working in the vegetable garden, I heard a cacophany of noise coming from the old quince tree, I looked up to see it looking like a rainbow of bright greens, yellow, orange and blue!  The rainbow lorikeets had come in to feast on the beautiful ripe fruit!!!  There was only one thing to do – harvest then and there!  Don’t worry, the tree is so big and old, the fruit that was out of our reach was left for them to return and enjoy!

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Just a few pics from the very neglected vegetable garden…

Finally some success with the saffron, if you would like to try to grow your own saffron at home, take a quick look at my guide on growing saffron.

I have a thing about using what is to hand to create something new for the garden or house.  Gary now feeds this eccentricity, and when he found this piece of curved veneer discarded on our nature strip he gave it to me to see what I’d come up with.  I asked him to cut a circle of wood and attach it to the lower edge for me, then I went to work.  I cut a piece of screen wire and crafted it into a little basket, attaching it with some wire.   It was then filled with planting medium, sphagnum moss and a small orchid.  On the base, I simply potted another small orchid into a little glass basket that I had, and then surrounded it with a few bits and pieces collected from one of our trips to the beach.

And finally, I spent many evenings watching as the weaver of this beautiful web worked its craft.  It was never to be seen during the day, only in the evenings.