The Terrace

DECember 2022

A place to sit and relax in the cool shade of the sprawling Chinese Elm.


September 2022

When planting out bulbs earlier in the year, I planted many into pots and the urns on, and leading to, the terrace.  I was dutifully rewarded with beautiful splashes of colour which could not only be enjoyed when outdoors, but also provided a beautiful happy sight to be enjoyed as I was working in the kitchen.  The colour of tulip ‘Chato’ was almost electric, while the shape and pattern of ‘Timeless’ was beautiful and classic.

October 2016

When we arrived the garden on the terrace was a mess of elephant ears, trees sown from seed and one very large tree stump.  dsc03697-f-r

I wanted to transform the area and make it a less cluttered and a place to relax. So we went in with the chainsaw, the axe, the mattock, the shovel, the rake, and many hours of hard work.

When it was finally cleared it was time to see what we had on hand. dsc05671-r

We’d brought many trailer loads of plants with us from our old home in Melbourne and as it turned out, the only item we purchased for this area was the tree fern, which was not happy and subsequently died.

Planted with various ferns, bromeliads, a cycad and an ornamental ginger plant, we have finished it off with some old hollow logs and a couple of garden ornaments.

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