The Iris Garden

December 2022

The roses in the Iris Garden are looking lovely and recovering from being smothered in kikuyu!


September 2022
The Iris Garden

After a few years of neglect, the Iris Garden has had a make-over!  It took both of us, working together, almost a week to get it back, but we are really very happy with it.

Believing that very few of the iris’s had survived, we set about leaving those that we uncovered untouched, and carefully weeded around each one.  However, it soon become obvious that they had survived and they needed to be lifted and divided.  Nothing is named, and previously I had just loved the random mix that I had created – most having traveled with me from our previous property and many of them from my late mother’s stunning garden.

With the  magnolia standing tall in the centre, the roses – six yellow roses – delbard ‘Cote d’Azure’ and six white roses – David Austin ‘Tranquility, had barely survived, but were still alive.  Of the four lavender ‘Violet Lace’ only two remained, but they had become large and straggly, so were removed – I don’t think that they will recover from the trauma, but there was another small plant that had self sown, so hopefully it will survive and I will be able to find it it’s new home elsewhere in the garden.  Clearly there will be no iris in flower this year, but hopefully next year will see this garden in full bloom.

I couldn’t help including one or two photos of the distraction that we were afforded while working – old military aircraft flying in formation above.

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December 2016

This bed is in the centre of the large garden, when we arrived it had a planting of straggly red grevilleas, with the odd one missing.  I wanted to make this garden more attractive, so ordered 6 yellow roses – delbard ‘Cote d’Azure’ and 6 white roses – David Austin ‘Tranquility’. I have also planted Iris’s that have traveled with us, together with campanula, Californian poppies and lavenders

Delbards Cote d’Azure 7 December 2016

17 November 2016

David Austin “Tranquility” -3 November 2016

20 October 2016


Planted with old iris’s and new roses – 2 August, 2016


When we arrived – a mottled planting of red prostrate grevilleas.







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