From Nana Grace’s Kitchen

This series of sessions has been created using recipes from my beautiful mum’s recipe book.  While mum is no longer with us, beautiful memories will  remain with us always, as we continue to cook and share her beautiful food from the recipes that she has so carefully written into her recipe book.  Then there are also the unwritten recipes, that we just make out of habit, recipes that our mum cooked regularly from habit, and taught us as we worked beside her to prepare family meals.  Through her food and the stories we tell, our mum’s memory will remain alive in our hearts and our lives.

In my mother’s kitchen food was prepared with love using whatever ingredients were at hand, and there was always enough to add an extra plate or two at the table for unexpected guests.

I look forward to sharing my memories, and my mother’s recipes at these sessions.

Pasties & Baked Custard






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