Zygocactus – Bringing beauty to a cold winter

First time flowering, it’s hard to believe that this beautiful Zygocactus was rescued as a stick, nurtured, and then planted into a pretty coffee pot, that I fell in love with, and purchased from a local op- shop.  It grew beautifully, but never flowered.

Then, after my very talented husband made me a fabulous potting bench, I was able to reclaim the table on the back porch, and even though the zygo had never flowered, I still thought it was beautiful, and would make the perfect centre piece for the table.

Isn’t this just wonderful, designed and made by my husband, using a mix of recycled and new timbers – I love it!

Then, one day, I noticed little buds forming, and then there were more, and I waited, patiently.

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My reward, to watch, and admire the vibrant beauty of each flower as it opens and brings colour to our winter.

Until next time…

Happy gardening.


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