Preserving the Produce of Spring

Spring, the great awakening, when eagerly awaited, new seasonal produce is ready to go!  Fresh berries, tropical mangoes, rhubarb, snow peas, peas, asparagus, carrots, spring cauliflower, broccoli…  Often though, if you are a gardener, the entire crop seems to be ready at once!  It’s time for preserving, but where to start?

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Preserving the Produce of Spring (downloadable pdf)

Please note:

  • unless otherwise stated, all food prepared on the day will be gluten free.
  • a minimum of three participants is required for the session to run.

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Preserving Basics



Preserves are a great foundation for a sustainable lifestyle, allowing you to use produce from your own (or family and friends’) gardens, process it, store it, and use it later on. I love that I have fruit ready to serve simply on its own, or with yoghurt, custard or icecream.  I also use the fruit to make cakes, tarts, pies and desserts, and in some cases to accompany a cheese platter!

This is how I grew up.  Fruit was preserved in season, it was not only my mother in the kitchen, but often times my sisters and our father also joined in the process.  The fruit was used throughout the year, and generally when the next season rolled around, there was nothing left.

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Preserving Basics Session  (downloadable pdf)

Sessions & Bookings:

Oh how I love the food and flavours of the Middle East

While the countries that are encompassed in the region, or if you prefer, term “The Middle East” can lead to many arguments, I prefer to use them to bring about discussions of recipes and delicious food that can be shared by all.   With food that is vibrant, colourful and aromatic,  many Middle Eastern countries share recipes that are very similar, in fact the same dish in the same country can have many nuances, depending on who is cooking it, and what is available at the time.

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