Salad, patties, snacks, finger food and more…

The Frugal Kitchen
Salad, patties, snacks, finger food and more…

Date:  Friday 20 October 2023
Time:  10:00am to 2:00pm
Venue:  Maffra Neighbourhood House
Cost:  $35.00 per person
Bookings:  Maffra Neighbourhood House – Ph: 0422 335 155
Max Participants:  6 participants

From a basket of a dozen simple ingredients, so many menu options…

Using what’s in the basket, as well as pantry staples and leftovers, to create delicious, inexpensive meals for family and friends. I wonder if you can guess what’s in the basket from what’s on the menu?

In this session you’ll work together to prepare a variety of dishes from the ingredients provided, for a meal to be enjoyed as we sit, relax, chat, and enjoy lunch to finish the session.

On the Menu: 

Bacon, Egg and Iceberg Salad (Not quite a Caesar Salad)   ||
Tuna and Bacon Patties   ||   Chopped Salad   ||   Lettuce Rolls (think rice paper rolls)   || Mum’s savoury toasts (fabulous finger food)   ||   Boiled Salad Dressing  ||
Dip   ||  Wedges  ||  Crudites  ||   Mini Carrot and Cinnamon Bundt Cakes


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Learn ||| Cook ||| Eat ||| Chat

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below.


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