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After years of wanting to do this, but not having the confidence to venture forward with the idea, now, after receiving much encouragement from those around me, in less than two weeks time I will be running my first Knowledge Sharing Session at a local Neighbourhood House.  Yes, I am a little nervous, but I am also a little excited!  So I thought I would share what we will be doing in the first session.  It will be all about sauerkraut, or as they call it in France, choucroute, and we may even touch on growing your own cabbages at home.

Sauerkraut or choucroute, has become increasingly popular in recent times.  It’s seen as a way to improve gut health, easing digestive symptoms and supporting your immune system by adding probiotics and enzymes to your diet.

I just love toasted sourdough with a little Dijon mustard and melted cheese, topped with sauerkraut for breakfast each day.

Toast with Dijon mustard, melted, cheese and sauerkraut.

The other great benefit of making sauerkraut, and one that I think sometimes gets ignored in these times, is that it is a fabulous way of preserving cabbage when it’s in season.  I love to use this sauerkraut to make delicious, warming, comfort food during the colder months of the year

Choucroute du jardinière

For those who would like to know how easy it is to make sauerkraut, I will be running a session in the Community Kitchen at Segue – Stratford’s Neighborhood House & Arts Café, in nearby Stratford this month.  All details are below for anyone who might be interested in attending.

You will find a link to ticketing below.

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I will also be sharing some of the recipes that I make, using sauerkraut, here on my blog, in the next few weeks.

So until then

Bon appétit!

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9 thoughts on “A little knowledge sharing…

  1. Sounds terrific Julz, your local community is so lucky to have your exceptional knowledge and skills. I know this venture will go well for you

  2. We love fermented cabbage, I make it regularly. It is a perfect second side dish, especially in winter months. Would be interesting to know the way you make it.

    • It is a fabulous side in the winter months, isn’t it Irena, and sadly many don’t see it that way. As for how I make my sauerkraut, I have made it using two or three techniques, water brining whole cabbages, small batches of sliced cabbage and aromats, and just recently have done a large batch of plain sliced cabbage sauerkraut.

      • Yes, that is how I make my big batches for use in winter warmers. Though the brining of the whole cabbages was fun, as I was tutored via text messages by a very dear friend. Do you use your sauerkraut as the base to side or main dishes?

      • It comes our so delicious and crunchy, that we have it as the second side dish, as a winter salad. I would gladly use it as the only side dish sometimes, with sausages for example, but try to ration it, as I do not want to make it too often. Once, I remember, when I forgot about one jar in the fridge and it became too sour to eat I made very traditional Russian soup with very few ingredients, it was nice.

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