Monthly Archives: July 2020

Cooper’s Jam

I’ve been making Summerberry Jam for many years, and it’s always so very popular with family and friends, including our gorgeous grandson, Cooper. So whenever our son, Christopher and his family visit, or we visit them, I make sure that I replenish their supplies from our larder.

Earlier this year, Cooper commenced his first year at primary school.  At the end of the first week I traveled to Melbourne to pick him up from school and take him home – Isn’t that what all Grannies do? Travel two and a half hours just to pick up their grandson from school? What a treat to see his little face light up as I approached his classroom door, and oh how grown up he looked in his school uniform.

As I drove him back to his dad’s home we chatted about his day and I asked him what he’d had for lunch. He told me that he’d had a jam sandwich. I asked if he had red jam in his sandwich (that is what he used to call it), to which he promptly replied “I had YOUR jam in my sandwich!”.

Recently we were blessed to have Cooper come and stay with us during the school holidays. It was a wonderful time. He helped us cart the firewood,

and we made a jungle garden in an old baking dish so that he could play with his animals in the jungle. Continue reading