I love how food evokes such wonderful memories…

We have wonderful friends in France, and it was my dear friend, Véronique, who taught me how to make brioche.   Her brioche was nothing like that found in Australia, it was light, delicate, sweet, buttery, everything that a brioche should be. When we returned to Australia I was very enthusiastic and excited to make it myself, however it took quite a few attempts to get the finished product to be anything like my beautiful friend’s, I had to find fresh yeast and try out different flours, etc, until I got the recipe right. Since then, over the years, there have been many, many, many batches of this beautiful sweet bread made in my kitchen.

I used to make it quite regularly for my family and friends, and took it to work for special morning teas. It is always a hit, very popular indeed. However, life got busy and I had stopped making it as often.

Recently I managed to get some fresh yeast, and have started making it again, much to my husband, Gary’s, delight! Now when I get fresh yeast, I make a batch and freeze it, taking one out every couple of days for him to have with his breakfast.

Last night, I made the dough, popped it in the fridge overnight, and then this morning, I finished the dough, shaped it, popped it into the little brioche tins,DSC03362

let it rise,


and the end result is…


This final photo reminds me of sharing delicious home cooked food with our wonderful friends in country France. The times we spend with them at their home, and also the time they took us to the early morning dawn service on Anzac Day in Villers-Bretonneux. An experience we will never forget.

I was actually lucky enough to try Véronique’s Brioche, because at that time, I had not been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, but now I get to cook it and watch others enjoy it   Alas, now my challenge is to try and make something similar (it will never be the same) that is gluten free.

Until next time…

Bon appétit!


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