The Great Outdoors – Foraging and Shinrin-Yoku

My dearest Gary once said that I am at my most relaxed when I am outdoors.

A month or two back I was on a mission, that mission to find somewhere where I could forage for pine mushrooms.  This meant time out with a special friend, who, I must say, I’ve had a few adventures with.  Maggie is loads of fun and loves a bit of adventure, so a date and time was set.

On the day, I met Maggie at hers, transferred my baskets to her truck and we headed off, chatting, laughing, catching up and looking for a suitable place to forage.  Many plantations were off limits due to logging, but when we had almost given up, the last one on the list was logging free.  She parked the truck, we gathered our tools (baskets and knives, and entered the edge of the plantation.  As we collected our bounty of mushrooms and pine cones we both found ourselves becoming more and more relaxed in our surrounds, wandering off in different directions, and coming together again, this led us to chatting about forest bathing and the benefits afforded by such a simple pastime.

I was a little surprised to hear that Maggie had never foraged for mushrooms and wasn’t game to try the ones that I had collected. But that was Ok, I brought them all home and cooked, pickled and dehydrated them, Mushroom Bourguinon anyone?

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Making Changes…

Since launching our small catering business many things have been neglected, including my blog, our garden and us!

In recent times the hours that we have been working were nothing short of crazy!  Things had to change, but how could we do it, and still look after our clients?  After many late night conversations, we realized that by looking after ourselves, we would actually be looking after our clients.  So we worked out what would work best for us, and in turn how we could make it work for those who ordered from us.  We now work three weeks, have our weekends back and take the fourth weekend off – well that’s the plan!

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We are both looking forward to visiting, and spending more time with our family and friends; having time to get all the odd jobs done around the house and yard, to making the occasional escape to new places; and, just picking up a book or magazine and reading. Continue reading