Saffron Crocus – Growing saffron crocus at home

I  continue to update my growing tips, as time and experience encourage me to do so.

I first purchased saffron crocus / crocus sativus corms in 2017, and it was with great excitement that I selected, what I thought would be, the perfect place to plant and grow saffron in my home garden.  Two years on and the disappointment was kicking in – there was barely a little green and absolutely no flowers each year.

Frustrated, I decided to dig up the corms and move them, but to where?  Finally I decided to place them at the base of our espaliered pear trees that form the boundary between the greater garden and the vegie patch.  Here they would receive maximum sun and the residual moisture from the drip irrigation that watered the trees on a regular basis, and they would have there own, forever, space.

March 2021 – Saffron Crocus (Crocus Sativus) planted at the base of the espaliered pear trees (in 2019) are finally showing colour!

The first year after planting, I was very excited to discover two flowers.  This year they delivered more flowers, and thus more stigma – not a lot, but now I know that they are in the right place, and I can’t wait to use my carefully collected and dried saffron, in the kitchen (this time I think I will be doing Spiced Duck Breast with Saffron Orange Sauce as I have some beautiful Aylesbury duck arriving late next week.

Something else that I have recently discovered, that may have added to the improvement in my saffron crocus planting, is that every winter we distribute the ash collected from the open fire around our fruit trees and rose bushes.  With the crocus corms planted in such close proximity to the pear trees, they are benefiting from this winter addition of wood ash!  Experience is a great teacher and we are always learning, aren’t we! Continue reading