In the Garden – September 2022

So this was September in the garden at ‘Tranquility’…

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Now for a little more detail…

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I have plants scattered throughout the house, with the majority on either the front or back porches both of these rooms are enclosed with the external walls mainly glass, so are fabulous for experimenting with some exotics!

DECember 2022

When I brought this orchid cactus inside a couple of years ago, it was just a sad stump!  This year it rewarded me with a flower in October, and then another just before Christmas.  It’s just beautiful.

September 2022

The Back Porch

I was so excited to finally see this beautiful orchid, another gifted to me by my beautiful sister-in-law, Lyn.  Dendrobium Canary Bird #1.

It was so difficult to view it at it’s best, but then I realised that given that I had planted it in a flat sided vase, I could lay it on it’s side and was able to admire the beautiful flowers day after day after day…


In the Garden – September 2021

It’s September, and it’s spring!

The garden is slowly come to life, the bulbs are beginning to flower adding splashes of colour here and there, leaf buds are slowly beginning to burst presenting the new leaves for the new season, and in the veggie patch the fruit trees are blossoming too!  Yes spring is certainly here.

In one of the front gardens there is a Japanese Maple planted in a central round garden bed.  I’ve always envisioned this area planted with all things blue, purple, burgundy and white with an occasional pop of red!  These things take time, last year I planted purple miniature bearded iris along the edge of the maple bed, they are multiplying beautifully and are always early flowering.  This year two lilac trees given to me by my sister, Sonnie, one for my 50th birthday and one for my 60th, were planted along the front fence – we all adore lilacs, they remind us of home and our parents.  In addition to the lilacs a clematis, another gift from Sonnie, was planted.

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In the Garden – March 2021

I procrastinated about adding this post, I know it is our garden in “March”, and now it’s May!  But there were a few things I’d love to show you, so here it is.  Hopefully “In the Garden – April 2021” will not take so long…

It was with such great anticipation that I waited for what I thought were either red or orange nerines from my sister, Sonnie’s, mother-in-law’s garden.  When the flowers finally opened, they were this very vibrant pink that blended so beautifully with the velvety snapdragon and the purple and cerise fuschia! Continue reading