Chocolate and Oranges…

It was during the winter of last year that I discovered a new farm shop was to open not far from here –  I was so excited because they would be selling citrus, and we didn’t have anything like it in the area.  I still remember my first visit to the King Fisher Citrus Farm Shop at Nambrok, and the enormous bag of oranges that I purchased – fresh orange juice for breakfast?  Over time I got to know Aimee and Lynton, hearing about their journey, sharing family memories, and also sharing my thoughts as to what I would create with their beautiful produce.

While I continually purchase produce for our small catering business (I just love starring their oranges in our soups, crumble tarts, friands, etc.), I am always excited to purchase something new to bring home and play with in the kitchen, creating new dishes for Gary and I to enjoy.

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