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A beautiful bunch of carrots

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The quandary of what to make with that beautiful bunch of carrots picked up from the Stratford farmer’s market on Sunday…

I wanted a light Sunday evening meal and did not want to have any meat in the recipe. I looked through books, looked on-line, and nothing really grabbed my attention… The flavours just weren’t right. I gathered ideas, a little from here, a little from there, keeping in mind what was available in the pantry, fridge and freezer, and this is what I came up with.

Roasted Carrot and Beetroot Salad with Poached Egg, Carrot Top Pesto & Dukkah




I had recently made fig vinegar and hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out. I had beetroot from a previous farmer’s market, beautiful fresh eggs picked up from the farm gate near Sale, and then there was fresh goats cheese in the fridge. I had heard about using carrot tops to make pesto, but the recipe I found wasn’t what I was after, so I changed it totally, adding coriander instead of basil, more garlic, pistachios in place of walnuts, and using quite a bit more parmesan cheese and olive oil as well. I also wanted to use cumin and dukkah, so now had the makings for a beautiful salad.


Fig Vinegar

I only wanted to use the cumin on the roasted halved carrots, I made a dressing using my fig vinegar and coated ribbons of carrot in that before roasting them. The rest of the dressing was used to coat some fresh leaves later in the recipe.

The carrot top pesto was amazing, and the left overs are now in the freezer ready to be used on another salad, in soup, on pasta or drizzled over a roasted vegetable pie. I used a slice of sour dough for my husband’s salad and for me, I used a slice of my own Gluten free bread.


Carrot Top Pesto


A little work, but these carrots deserved it, they were simply beautiful. The salad was a great success.

Until next time…

Bon appétit!


Roasted Carrot and Beetroot Salad with Poached Egg, Carrot Top Pesto & Dukkah

Fig Vinegar

Carrot top Pesto




A ride to market

What a glorious day it was on Sunday; the air was crisp, the sun was shining and there was barely a breeze. The perfect day for a bike ride, and with a little farmer’s market on in the next town, that’s where we headed – Stratford.

It’s a relatively easy ride along a “rail trail”, that is if you are used to riding a bike and are fit – I am neither! The scenery is beautiful, as is the bird life along the way. At one stage we stop alongside a paddock where a large flock of black swans are feasting, and among them are two beautiful ducks. We couldn’t resist getting the camera out and trying to get a photo, even though these gorgeous birds were some distance away.Slide1

After a few distractions along the way, we finally make it to the market which is set up in a little park, nestled on the banks of the Avon river. It is a very small market, just a few stalls, a honey stall, second hand book stall, craft stall where we find a gorgeous gift for our beautiful great neice’s second birthday, an apple stall and a bag of beautiful crisp red apples are purchased, there’s also a bric-a-brac type stall, a native plant stall, an art stall and finally the vegie stall. I have bought vegetables from this stall holder before and they were beautiful, they keep fresh for much longer than normal, probably because they are much fresher than what you buy at the shop! I walk along and decided to get a couple of leeks – I have leftover cooked chicken in the fridge from last night’s dinner, so will probably make a chicken and leek pie during the week. Then I choose some salad. I want a cabbage, so they climb onto the back of the truck and find a lovely one for me, and finally… I cannot resist the beautiful bunch of coloured carrots that’s laying on the table – I know I have plenty of carrots at home, but these are different. We chat to the stall holder and he tells us that people get confused when they see the white or cream carrots, often thinking they are parsnips!


All done, we load our purchases into the basket on my bike, the apples go into my husband’s backpack, and we head off home. I soon discover a problem with the load in the basket on the back of my bike… For a relative beginner bike rider, I find it throws me off balance in certain situations, and almost come to grief as I struggle up an incline. So decide if faced with that scenario again, I’ll get off and wheel the bike. We stop as we cross the bridge over the Avon so that I can take some photos, but I don’t think that they do the scenery justice, I just love this place.


Further along the track we look across to the mountains and there are little specs of white, I wonder if it is snow?

Finally back home from our 20 km round trip, we put the bits and pieces away and head to the garden for a while, where I begin to think about what to do with those beautiful carrots for our dinner.

Until next time…

Bon appétit!