In the Garden – August 2022

Seeds planted:

  • Capsicum
    • Bulls Horn – 28 August 2022 (germinated 12 September)
    • Mini Traffic Light Mix – 27 August 2022 (germinated 11 September)
    • Mixed Italian – 28 August 2022
    • Seven Colour Mix – 28 August 2022 (germinated 11 September)
    • Supermarket Mini (seed saved from a colourful mix of miniature capsicum purchased from the supermarket earlier this year) – 31 August 2022
  • Chilli
    • Bulgarian Carrot – 31 August 2022
    • Cayenne Slim (old seed) – 31 August 2022
    • Jalepeno (old seed) – 30 August 2022
    • Supermarket Long (seed saved from a chilli purchased from the supermarket earlier this year) – 30 August 2022
  • Beetroot
    • Bulls Blood – 5 August 2022
    • Burpees Golden – 5 August 2022
    • Chiogga – 5 August 2022
    • Crosby’s Egyptian Flat – 5 August 2022
    • Cylindra – 5 August 2022
    • Globe – 5 August 2022
  • Chives – 5 August 2022
  • Lettuce
    • Iceberg- 3 August 2022 (germinated 7 August 2022)
  •  Silverbeet
    • Bright Lights – 5 August 2022)
    • Silverbeet – Fordhooks – 5 August 2022)

My Morning Commute…

I love my morning commute – I cannot believe how lucky that I am to be driving the country roads, as I head out early in the morning to collect the produce required for our weekly cook.  The only problem is that nature often stops me in my tracks, quite literally!  I tend to drive the back roads, and have now taken to carrying my camera with me to try and capture natures beauty.

The morning light, the morning fog, the morning frost, the morning rainbow…  My Morning Commute #12

Today I almost stopped to take a photo of a puddle, but decided to keep going.  Wish I had stopped to take a photo of the puddle.

I often find myself smiling as I drive, thinking of the lifestyle change we have made.  Who would have thought that this ex-(city) secretary, is now cooking food for a local cafe, providing catering for meetings and even supplying a local farm gate with product.

This is where I live, and this is my morning commute, no traffic lights, almost no traffic, though occasionally stopping to allow the cows to cross the road, and of course, often stopping to take in nature’s beauty..

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Until next time…


Home Sweet Home

I’m back…

After a lengthy holiday in France, we have now returned to our home and the Australian winter!  Short days and frosty mornings which means cold, but sunny days (at the moment) and very cold nights!

Naturally after such a long absence, the garden is calling for our attention, so if the sun is shining we are immediately drawn outside to enjoy the warm rays. But the place to be in the morning is the kitchen, where the sun’s rays shine through the window over the sink, providing a wonderful cosy atmosphere. I was absolutely delighted one morning this week, when I was drawn to a familiar twitter outside our kitchen – I know the voice of a very small and busy bird, the wren – we have always called them fairy wrens, and the male, if you are lucky enough to see one, is superbly dressed in the prettiest of blue.  However, I was enjoying their antics so much, I have no photos to share… In the two years we have been here this is only the second time I have seen them, with the last time just before we departed for our holiday – I await my next sighting.

In the evening, the open fire, glowing beautifully and providing the coziness needed, is the place to be as the dark crawls in, dragging along the chill and dampness with it. Something that is always a treat at this time of year is mulled wineMulled Wine - Feature ImageWith the wonderful aroma of the festive season, this drink always provides warmth and comfort with each sip. Continue reading