What’s for tea?

“What’s for tea?” that’s if you live in the country, but if you’re in the city, you’d probably be asking “What’s for dinner?”!  Either way, here are some quick suggestions, particularly for those living in the Sale – Maffra area where you can source some of the best local produce around, direct from the farmgate.  Paddock to plate, how lucky are we…

Starters & Snacks

















Where to get the produce…

The Chook House


1030 Maffra-Sale Rd, Myrtlebank VIC 3851 (Open daily 7 am to 7 pm)

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Forsyth Farms,

75 Stewarts Lane, Stratford VIC ( Visit Forsyth Farms Farmgate market every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 8 am to 12 noon)  You will also find them at the Sale Farmer’s Market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  The produce is so fresh and they support other primary producers at their farmgate market.  Wonderful folk and amazing produce.


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