The Pool

The pool garden renovation is now complete and it looks wonderful, thanks to a lot of hard work put in by Gary and the help of local tradies Johnno and Nic. So what was done – the nandina which was overhanging the poolside walkway was removed as were plantings of the Australian native grass, Morning Flag (Orthrosanthos multiflorus) together with part of a rosemary bush that had made its way underneath the pool fence at the far end of the pool.

The garden at the far end of the pool was dug out and paving extended to the fence line, and our old canter-lever umbrella was installed. The garden bed, poolside, had the irrigation system resurrected, weedmat laid,

two trailer loads of white pebbles carted in and plinths, urns and garden statues put in place.

Finally three posts were replaced along the external fence. Gary did the bulk of the work, Johnno and Nic dug out the soil from the garden bed and extended the paving and also replaced the fence posts.

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My contribution was to help cart a few pavers (we decided to use old pavers from under our clothes line and also some from the terrace, so the new work would not be so obvious) cart out the nandina that had been removed, and remove all the plants from the garden at the end of the pool and finally plant up the urns with Big Burgundy geraniums and trailing white Bacopas.