In the Garden – September 2020

1 September

The first day of spring, you can smell it in the air!

And new seeds have arrived…

4th day of September


“King Alfred” (Golden Trumpet Daffodil – Narcissus pseudonarcissus)

5th day of September

Mizuna and Little Gem Lettuce seeds planted.

9th day of September

These fading tulips are catching the falling leaves from the Chinese Elm.

10th day of September

The camellias are a picture…

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11th day of September

Planted more hollyhock seeds, let’s hope these germinate!

Time out in the garden…


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And then relocated two matching pots to the front entrance, filled them with fresh potting mix and planted them up with French lavender that I have grown from cuttings.

 18th day of September

The clivias are a picture, but I really must move the cream clivia to it’s own space, rather than having it tacked on the end of the row of orange!

19th day of September

20th day of September

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