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Bacon & Eggs

I know, it’s just bacon and eggs. But last night, it wasn’t just any bacon with eggs, it was my, SBA’s, bacon with eggs and tomato – now do you understand…

While I’ve always wanted to try to make my own bacon, I was a little wary and thought it would be terribly difficult! That was until I come across the post of fellow blogger “The Old Fat Guy” from the Canadian Rockies… He showed the way to curing and smoking your own bacon, and I couldn’t wait. While I was unable to procure a piece of pork loin from my favourite supplier, Coltish Pork, I managed to get a nice piece from a butcher that I know provides good quality meat.

The first thing was to trim up the meat, weigh it, calculate the brining period, then weigh out the cure ingredients, massage them in, then pop it all into a snap-lock bag in the fridge for (in this case) 10 days. Each day I turned it and gave it a little massage, just to make sure the cure was getting to each and every little bit of it. Then the big day come, it was removed from the fridge, taken from the bag, washed, given a little soak and then set un-covered in the fridge until the next day. The cold smoker was lit and the meat was set in place to cold smoke for 6 hours before being put back in the fridge. The following day, the hot smoker was set and in went the pork, along with a few other bits and pieces, and all were smoked accordingly.

The, what was now, bacon was covered and placed back in the fridge for another two days, and yesterday was the big day…

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The bacon was sliced and several pieces set aside for our dinner last night – yes, that’s right, dinner, not brekky, dinner, and oh my gosh, it was amazing, delicious, what can I say. The rest of the bacon was vac sealed into small serving sizes and then frozen for another day.

While I have posted the recipe here on my blog, I urge you to go and see The Old Fat Guys’ blog where he provides a lot of insight into the making of bacon with this dry cure and has some fantastic pics of the various stages along the way. He has some amazing posts and recipes too, so you may find me referring you there again in the future. I do find it a little amusing that a Slightly Bent Aunt from Australia is referring you to The Old Fat Guy in Canada, don’t you?

So what else was in the smoker, you ask…

I wanted to make sure I put the space to good use, so had brined three large pork hocks, three potatoes and two sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes will be used later this week for a smokey sweet potato smash, and the ordinary potatoes were turned into a delicious creamy smoked potato soup topped with a little truffle oil, fine shavings of parmesan and just to gild the lily, a few shavings of black truffle – we had that for our “Soup and Sweets” night the sweets (dessert) was my Spiced Honey and Yoghurt Panna Cotta topped with vanilla poached peaches and toasted coconut flakes.

Here ends another frantic but fun few days in “Tranquility”….



The Old Fat Guy

Coltish Pork

Home Cured Bacon

Spiced Honey and Yoghurt Panna Cotta

A fresh, crisp cos lettuce – what to do?

Last week as I was leaving my hour long French lesson, Wendy, the wife of my teacher, offered me some fresh cos lettuce from their garden. They had all come in at once, and were ready to pick, so she was giving them away because she didn’t want them to go to waste.

Yes, again, I am trying to learn the beautiful French language. This was only my second lesson, and I have just had my third. I have just spent the last two days at my desk trying to get a hold on the what I had learned so far, but by last night was feeling quite despondent, as if nothing was sinking in and went to sleep feeling as if I was wasting my time…

This morning when I woke up, I started

DSC03723 (1)

Proof of my hard work and frustration!

reading some more, got up and did some writing, and started to feel a little better – though not much. Anyway off I went, about a forty minute drive, listening to French language CDs. Upon my arrival I voiced my weariness and frustration, in English, but was soon to find out that the hard work was actually paying off, particularly as I began to recall some of the vocabulary that had been causing me so much frustration. So I am back home and feeling much more positive – maybe you should ask me how I feel again, next Monday night, as I finish another week of studying!

Anyway, I digress…

Back the lovely cos lettuce. We are fans of the beautiful Caesar Salad, but often find that people tend to overdress it with it arriving in front of you looking rather sad, limp and wet. After checking the fridge to make sure I had everything needed, I decided that I should prepare my version of Caesar Salad for a quick, light and very tasty dinner.


While I still think I made it a little too wet, it was quite delicious.

Until next time…

Bon appétit!

PS: Don’t forget to keep an eye on what’s happening in The Corner Patch!


Caesar Salad.